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Month: June, 2014

Book review: INK by Amanda Sun


Book review: Ink by Amanda Sun

Ink sweeps you into the world of a new US/Canadian teenager who has moved to Japan to live with her aunt after her mothers tragic death. As a reader you are thrown right into the action, the culture and language of Japan; useful tip – the dictionary is in the back.

Before long it has drawn you in and you want to be living in Japan too, rocking knee high socks and a plaid skirt, taking Kendo and eating bentoe!

(As a man I mostly just wanted to be doing Kendo and make my drawings come to life… well, you know what I mean.)

Ink is a great book, I read it in a few sittings and I’m excited for the sequel.  Sun weaves a story that is dramatic and will make you laugh, cry and cheer. Great characters that I am looking forward to seeing again. I loved the concept of the ink and how the mechanics of the mythology worked. It is a big bad world that the author has cracked open, with a ton to explore and a ton of potential for some crazy plots.

Even the feel of the book is amazing. Harliquin Teen bloody smashed it. The cover and art work is gorgeous, with flip book animation teasing across the pages. So nice to see!

Fancy a teaser? Amanda almost broke WattPad serialising the prequel Shadow.  It’s free, complete and here.

Sounds good? Check it out here….and also… due to the food descriptions you will need to be eating Japanese food while reading. I suggest you order some serious curry upon opening the first page.

Thoroughly recommend.

The sequel RAIN is coming out tomorrow, I pre-ordered that bad boy last month.

You can get it here. 



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