Book review: Origin by Jessica Khoury

by T. E. J. Johnson

ORIGIN by Jessica Khoury How about that for some book reading scenery huh? I love the opportunity to read a book in a day. Got it with this one. Camping in Waterton Park, sun + rockies = amazing. I found this book in a kind of cool way, I was browsing some book trailers were and saw this.   Holy crap. Razorbill you absolute bloody legends – you knocked that one out the park! I reward nice marketing so I bought the book immediately. I was not disappointed. Khoury brings it with this one. Origin was awesome; dark, funny and foreboding. Remember the Dhama Initiative from Lost? Imagine those creeps made a super-human. This book is set in a similar environment. The characters were great and the story cracked a long at a terrific pace. I loved the twists in the tale as we follow Pia through her adventure. What Jessica does is making Pia and her powers feel totally genuine, while a sense of mystery teases through the book. Reach realisation comes bring waves of creepiness and horror; it was a thrilling read. I know Khoury wrote this in 30 days which is incredible. How sick is that? You could really feel that cohesiveness in the story, which was brilliant. Some perfect YA right here people. Khoury has continued the winning streak with Vitro which I look forward to reviewing soon and her most recent novel announcement is that Kalahari will be out in the tail end of 2015.