Book review: Johannes Cabal The Detective by Jonathan L. Howard

by T. E. J. Johnson



Book review of Johannes Cabal the Detective 


I picked this book up, saw a reference to Broken Sword and immediately bought it.
I didn’t read the previous Cabal book, but Howard has crafted this one to bring you up to speed pretty quick. Johannes Cabal is the dark anti-hero that seems to have recently got a heart. However, right now he is a very unpopular necromancer in need of a swift exit and he blags his way onto a luxury airship… and so the story REALLY begins.


There are some great diagrams in the book, efforts like these don’t go unnoticed and as a just make you feel special. Bravo Random House, bravo. Check it out,



Cabal is a great protagonist to root for; OCD, rude, weird but a total bad-ass; he makes you laugh, cheer and read on and on through his adventure.

Imagine Murder on the Orient Express except featuring a skinny Poirot loves guns, isn’t scared to kill people and can do back-flips…oh yes… and is able to bring recently murdered people back to life.

Now I think that sounds pretty sweet.


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