Book review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

by T. E. J. Johnson


Cinder is a futuristic mechanic living her tough life, hanging out with her robot and generally having a hard time selling wares and fixing stuff.  But! She gets an unexpected visitor, the Prince…

You immediately like the protagonist; a human with cyborg parts and interface.  Cinder is a very special one-of-a-kind cyborg with a mysterious maker. It works. It keeps the reader engaged as we discover, together with Cinder, of what else her cyborg system is capable of. I loved reading about the info-feed updating the bottom of her vision. The lie-detector is a fantastic added feature. It is fun, well done and very, very cool.

The novel has a terrific pace.  It cracks on and is a really fun read. I read it in a few days and I really appreciate this kind of page-turning crafting.

It is very visual; you get a great sense of all the scenes, where they are going and what is happening.

The Sci-fi is strong in this one.  I really enjoyed the merging of the fairy tale with this sci-fi world. You feel the influences of Star Wars and the Terminator – and that is cool.  This is a world fits together well, New Beijing makes sense, and the Lunars are fascinating.

The novel has really great ending!  That is important – I love a novel with an awesome ending.  It sets up the world well for the sequel, which is out, as is the sequel to that – all right here.

All round a wonderful young adult read that I would certainly recommend and look forward to continuing.